Hey guys! This is Obsidian Portal, a cool website that allows me to put a bunch of info online for you guys in addition to having a place for discussion for all things DnD outside of our sessions.

Definitely check out the wiki pages RulesHouse Rules, and Combat Actions, as these will help you and speed up play. Some of them are under construction but I add to them when I can.

The forum is a place to ask questions to the rest of the group, discuss important plot devices, and figure out what to do next. You can always give me a text if you have a question for me as well.

At some point I will import everyone’s character onto the site via a digital format so if you lose your sheet you can just play off of your phone. Plus it allows me to plan encounters around your capabilities.

Poke around the site and let me know if you would like something that I haven’t already included.

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